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  • Net Metering/Customer Owned Generation On Line Application

    Thank you for your interest in this program. To complete the Net Metering Application, you will need the following:

    • A valid account in this system which can be created when you start the application or have been created prior to this application.
    • Your contact information-Ameren Missouri account number, address, phone, email, etc.
    • Location contact information-Address, phone, etc., of where the solar will be installed.
    • Contractors Contact Information-name, address, phone, etc. of who will be performing the work
    • Details of the work to be completed such as system size, inverter model etc.
    • The following documents are required with the application:
      • One line diagram showing wiring from solar system to the utility service
      • Specification sheets for solar panels
      • Specification sheets for inverter
    • If you have all of the above information, please click on BEGIN APPLICATION.
    Are you ready to begin your application?